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What's going on??

As I monitor the news updates, it seems social distancing, curfews, staying home, and masks are going to be our new normal.

Just this past week here in Augusta, we're on a mandatory mask mandate when in public areas. When I go to the post office to ship items, there is tape 6 ft apart so we maintain the proper distance. I order my groceries via Instacart, but the delivery drivers usually opt for contactless deliveries. When I took my dog to the vet, they only allowed 2 people in at a time with their pets.

It is a much different time than say...a year ago. So, how are you adjusting? How are you maintaining a healthy lifestyle? How are you budgeting? How are you keeping in touch with loved ones? How are you handling the citywide mandates? What's up with you? I want to hear from you #movers.

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