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What Mentality Do You Have?

Growing up I was surrounded by "employees". I was constantly told to go to college, get a good job, get married and then have kids.... in that order. If I asked about setting my own hours or being rich/wealthy, I was met with so many negative responses. Needless to say, I never "fit in" and thought something was wrong with me.

Here we are in 2020 and I am surrounded by other "entrepreneurs". Not only do I run a growing business while working for a Fortune 500 Company, but I have a Masters of Science in Management & Leadership, Project Management certification, no kids (yet), and am developing a new relationship.

What I discovered was that in school I was taught "subjects", not "mentalities". Today, I have real teachers who have started their own businesses, do their own accounting and taxes, etc. What a difference your surrounding makes?! I finally "fit in" and excel amongst like minded individuals.

As you read this blog, I don't want you to assume that the "employee" is any less than the "entrepreneur" and vice versa, but what if i was surrounded by entrepreneurs earlier? What if I was encouraged through questions instead of shamed with statements?

Chime in #movers. I want to know your thoughts and perspective.

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