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I enjoyed a staycation last week so that I could celebrate my birthday. Throughout the week and this entire month, in addition to my usual interactions, I was receiving texts, calls, and DMs from people from my past to send well wishes.

This may not seem odd to you, but to me it was because some of the lapses in communication were due to negative encounters. Now in the front of my mind, I welcomed the kind words...but in the back of my mind, I was gearing myself up for the "conversation" that was sure to come. Once the "conversations" did occur, I found that the common theme was "pridefulness" and overdue apologies.

This got me to thinking ... how many of us are strong enough to admit our wrongs? How many of us can TRULY handle hearing how we hurt someone we love(d)? How many of our friendships or relationships could've been salvaged had we been more humble? Weigh in #movers. I want to hear from you.

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