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Are you listening??

I'm noticing a lot of things that have been "normalized" in our society today. As of late, I've witnessed people driving down the road making TikTok videos, Facetiming, scrolling on social media, and texting. I've seen groups of people out to dinner and instead of talking, they're all on their phones.

I'm a "talker" and love to communicate with someone while I'm driving to my destination, or even listen to music to pass the travel time. Although my eyes are on the road, I've always believed that since I'm hands free, I'm successfully multitasking. Even if I'm at dinner, I've occasionally responded to a client or customer while being told a story but will immediately shift my attention back to the talker. In disagreements, I try to actively listen and show empathy for the other person's feelings... sometimes depending on the topic, I can be honest, I've "listened" just to respond back. In hindsight, in those instances I've missed a lot of the actual points being made because I was so focused on ONE thing that was said instead of the totality of the message.

So that prompted me to research further about multitasking and if that's truly a thing. This is what I found: "Multitasking can result in time wasted due to human context switching and make you prone to errors due to insufficient attention"

Weigh in #movers. Are you truly listening when someone is talking to you or are you distracted trying to multitask?

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