"Change is only possible through movement"

My role as your accountability coach will be to motivate, oversee, value, encourage and support you while you meet your health and fitness goals, entrepreneurial or business goals, kick start your career, and heal from physical or emotional trauma. I offer one-on-one sessions to both men and women in the following areas:

1) Wellness

2) Business

3) Mental Health

4) General




Real Experiences, Stunning Results

Wellness Coaching

Are you looking for motivation and tips when it comes to nutrition? Let me create a specialized plan for you!

Business Coaching

Are you facing challenges in advancing your career? Are you interested in starting up your own business? Let me help you discover the perfect career path!

Mental Health Coaching

Are you having issues building confidence, reducing anxiety and self-doubt? Let me help you find balance in your life and create a plan to reach your personal goals!

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General Coaching

Are you unsure of exactly what you need? Do you need coaching in an area that isn't listed? Let me help you discover what services you'll need and provide ways to resolve your current situation!


Contact Me

jessmovesllc@gmail.com  |  Tel: 706-426-1497

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